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About Us

Michelle Phillips is an internationally recognised and locally known artist.

Michelle produces a large range of contemporary abstract pieces of art work from her studio in the village of ‘SALT’ Kingscliff New South Wales AUSTRALIA.

Each one of Michelle’s creations is a combination of vibrant colours and a collective mixture of textural materials, including resins, tar, sand, recycled materials and textiles. It is the use of these diverse materials that creates each individual piece. The complexity and emotional intensity is revealed in each layer. The outcome can alter your mood, conversation and perspective.

“Individuals interpret my artwork in completely different ways. What people perceive is a personal connection, and they find it irresistible.” Michelle

Michelle’s work is displayed within galleries, corporate spaces, cafes, resorts and private homes all over Australia, and as far abroad as The Netherlands, Singapore, London, Israel, Japan and New Zealand.

Both Australian and overseas visitors are discovering what local residents have embraced and enjoyed –  Artwork that makes and explosive statement about the beauty and diversity of the Tweed Region.

Every painting is contemporary and complements today’s interiors. It is a cutting edge that is perfect for any environment.