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Meet Michelle Phillips

I have been painting purely for pleasure for the past 20 years. Drawing my inspiration from not only trends and fashions but also drawing from my immediate environment, the beautiful Tweed Valley and surrounding beaches.

During this time my art has evolved into something very different to my humble beginnings, although my philosophy towards my art has remained the same, my work has changed dramatically.

In the beginning I was combing through op shops to manufacture canvases on homemade frames.
I was very industrious with my materials.

This has impacted and influenced my art work by using lots of recycled materials, textiles, sands and resins. All my artwork is now painted on quality linen canvas on seasoned timber frames... a far cry from those early days!

My artwork is functional and affordable, and attracts a wide array of people from all nationalities and different age groups.

My work today has grown into a business, where I am painting for locals, Interior Designers, Interstate visitors, Galleries and people all around the World.

 I am fortunate to live in place where I can display my artwork in the beautiful resorts at Salt Village and be right next door in my home studio. Visitors love to take something home with them to remember their stay here and my work reflex the diverse surrounds.

So many people are fascinated by how my artwork is created and are interested in seeing how it is done. I like the input that comes from others and sometimes it gives me great inspiration.